How To Make Sorbet ( Mixed berry)

This is by far my new favorite dessert. It took me five minutes to make, tastes delicious and is just so so easy! Sorbet is one of those things where you can use any fruit, whether its tropical, or berries etc. The method is all the same and quantities do not really matter! All you need is some fruit, a sweetener and a blender! Enjoy!

Note: This is a new recipe for my cooking like granny series , where I try to make everything from scratch. From homemade yogurts to cheese. If you are interested in learning more have a look here.


  •  2 cups of any fruit. Blueberries and peaches, Pineapple and passion fruit. Papaya and mango. Pick your favorite fruits.
  •  1tbsp Honey
  • 3. 5 tbsp. water

Tip: When you are pairing your fruits. I find that just using two types works best, compared to using a variety. Unless you are making a tropical sorbet!


Pop all your ingredients into a blender. Blend till smooth and make sure you try it to alter the sweetness etc. Finally pour into a Bread loaf tin, or a bowl to freeze. Freeze for about an hour and Enjoy!



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