About Me

Hi, I Am Kiri Belcher

I am a Marine biology student, with a passion for sport and nutrition. I am a vivid kite surfer who thrives on living an active lifestyle. With certifications in both the Level 1 Fitness Instructors Course and her Instructors kitesurfing Course I have gained valuable insight into the Fitness Industry.

Inspired by the lack of adequate knowledge in nutrition and exercise in university students, I have designed this blog to offer students a chance to gain an understanding in basic nutrition by providing budget friendly meal plans and free exercises plans.

University is an amazing experience, but being away from home for the first time and not having a clue how to prep and make meals, leads students opting for quick, fast and expensive takeaways, leading to an expensive lifestyle which most of us cannot afford! By following this blog I aim to motivate students to cook simple meals and save loads by following my daily student friendly tips!